Friday, January 22, 2016

Shoveling Can be Dangerous to Your Health

Shoveling snow is a strenuous activity. Make sure you are physically fit enough to shovel snow, and seek help if you aren't.

Sorry son there is not an app for that1. Warm up before any physical activity
2. Keep up with the storm
3. Push don’t lift
4. Dress in layers
5. Wear good boots
6. Stay hydrated

Limit shoveling to only a few minutes at a time, shovel smaller amounts and take frequent breaks. Listen to your body and STOP if you feel pain or experience any warning signs of a heart attack. Symptoms of a heart attack may include dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, fainting, nausea as well as shoulder, neck and arm pain. Call 911 immediately if you believe you are having a medical emergency. If using a snow blower, keep hands and feet away from the motor and moving parts.

Even if you're just outside your home, keep a cell phone with you in case of emergency (such as a fall, cardiac emergency, etc.). With windows and doors closed, people inside the home may not be able to hear cries for help.

Slips and falls are winter's most common injuries. Use sand, salt or an ice-melt on walkways. Shovel your sidewalk and walkways. And use patience and caution when walking: take smaller steps and keep your center of gravity over your feet.

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