Thursday, January 21, 2016

MCFRS Storm Update

Assistant Chief Mo Witt, Special Operations Section, provided a live update around 3 PM today highlighting plans that MCFRS will be implementing for the impending snow storm.  Please see the video below.

Beginning tomorrow morning, January 22, at 7 AM the following operational adjustments will occur:

* Medical Ambulance Bus (MAB)726 (Bethesda) & MAB722 (Germantown/Kingsview) will be staffed.
* Additional personnel will be assigned to various emergency response units (including engine, trucks, squads, EMS units, aerial towers) throughout the County.
* Battalion Chief’s will have an assigned driver.
* A 2nd Safety Officer will be on-duty.
* Emergency Communications Center (911 call center) will have additional staff on duty.
* Five Department of Highway Services plows will be deployed at several fire stations, strategically located, with Firefighter’s assigned to each unit.
* Life Safety Task Force (Plow, Pepco, & 2 Sheriffs) at a central location with one Firefighter per unit.
* Light plows/4-wheel drive utility vehicles will be placed in service at eight strategically located fire stations.

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