Sunday, January 24, 2016

Vehicle Fire at Springbrooke Nursing Home

BY: Battalion Chief Mark Davis

Shortly after 6:30 am this morning, units from Fire Stations 12 and 24 were alerted for a truck on fire next to a building. Units arrived on scene to find a pick-up truck on fire next to a nursing home. The fire was beginning to extend to a trash enclosure but was stopped as soon as the first fire hose was placed in operation by firefighters. 

The nursing home staff did a great job of sheltering the occupants in place and evacuating the dining room area - which was the part of the structure most threatened by the fire. 

Of special note: There is an increase in vehicle fires during these heavy snow events - the vehicles often overheat because of snow blocking the normal air flow paths to the motor and drive train. Trucks plowing heavy snow often get into trouble when hydraulic components overheat or fail and hydraulic fluid ignites. 

Vehicle Fire at Springbrooke Nursing Home

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