Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fire Sprinklers Avert Tragedy At Nursing Home

Rockville, MD, July 8, 2009 - Yesterday morning at approximately 2:30 AM, units from Burtonsville Fire Station 15 were dispatched for an automatic fire alarm at the Arden Court Nursing Home (2500 Block of Musgrove Road). Engine 715 arrived on scene and reported heavy smoke conditions in the building and located an extinguished fire in a resident’s room.

A single automatic fire sprinkler operated to extinguish the fire. The elderly resident was removed from the room by the time the Fire Department arrived and he was transported to the hospital as a precaution for possible smoke inhalation. A picture of his room is on the right.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the action of the automatic sprinkler system averted a major a tragedy this morning,” stated Division Chief Mike Love, Chief Fire Marshal for Montgomery County.

The fire originated at a wire connection within a wall mounted A/C, heat pump unit and extended up the wall and burned a portion of the blinds at the window before the sprinkler activated. The Origin/Cause has been determined as Accidental – Electrical and damage is estimated at $5,000 Structure and $1,000 Contents.

Chief Love also said, “If this had been a non-sprinkled building, damage estimates could have easily been ten times what they were. The fact of the matter is fire sprinklers save lives and reduce property loss.”

County residents, who want to learn about residential fire sprinklers for their own home and how they can reduce their property tax bill by 50%, can go here for more information: Automatic Fire Sprinklers


Rocky Lopes said...

County residents, who want to learn about residential fire sprinklers for their own home and how they can reduce their property tax bill by 50%, ...

I'm all FOR residential automated fire sprinklers, and have them in my own home in Montgomery County, which was built before the law requiring them in single family homes was passed.

However, your statement quoted above is unintentionally misleading, because it implies that having sprinklers will provide for a 50% reduction in the overall tax bill forever.

The law provides for a one-time credit for 50% of the annual tax bill for improvements (i.e., the total tax bill less property and other special taxes) or the total cost of the installed sprinkler system, whichever is less.

I commend your work, and commend that you point out when fire sprinklers save property and save lives. I wish more people would pay attention and have sprinklers installed.

Anonymous said...

Very happy to hear you have fire sprinklers in your home - well done!!!!

Understand what you are saying and it clearly states in the information, when people view it, everything you are saying. All it is saying is if you want to learn more about sprinklers and the property tax reduction click on the link. There folks learn the parameters. We have to keep headlines short and sweet and hope that the headline makes them pay attention (as you so correctly state). : ) Thanks and I always value your comments and thoughts. Always well thought out!