Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Gold And More Records Set

photo of Captain Penny Ingles and fellow competitor with medals
Captain Ingles (L) with two Gold medals
As you may have read on Monday, Captain Penny Ingles is competing in the United States Police and Fire Championships that are being held in San Diego, California. She had already won several medals and even set a record. You can learn more here: Captain Earns Gold Medals At The United States Police And Fire Championships

We are happy to report that Captain Ingles set two more records and earned two more Gold Medals.

Penny competed in Indoor Rowing and records were set in the Women's 40+ 2000m Individual and in the Women’s 40+ 1000m Doubles. Her partner for the 1000m Doubles was Georgiana Browning from Disneyland Fire.

Penny has completed all her events and will be returning home with Five Gold Medals, Two Silver Medals and Three Records set for her age group.

Well done and congratulations Captain Ingles! Safe travels home!

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