Sunday, June 26, 2016

Stay Focused and Stay Safe - Important Info For Your Baby Sitters

message: Babysitter, responsible, reliable, lots of referencesWhether it's date night, a late night at the office or you have hired a baby sitter for the summer, when someone else cares for your children, follow these important safety tips:

Talk to your baby sitter about your family's fire escape plan.
Show your baby sitter where your smoke alarms are located.
Remind baby sitters to stay IN the kitchen when anything is cooking.
Remind baby sitters sitters that you do not allow smoking in or around your home or the use of candles.
If baby sitters will be responsible for watching your children at the pool or giving them a bath, make it clear that all eyes are on your children and not a phone, IPAD or any other distractions. While it is recommended to have a cell phone at the pool in the event of an emergency, be sure to turn it on "silent" so it won't be a distraction when kids are swimming.
Remind baby sitters never to leave the children unattended -- at the pool, at home or outside.

Always leave emergency information near the phone and include your full home address and phone number in the event your sitter needs to call 911 and also a trusted neighbor's name and phone number.

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