Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ready For Anything

By: Firefighter/Paramedic Joseph Crum
      Station 17, A-Shift

With all the major roadways that run through Montgomery County it is almost inevitable that someone, somewhere, will be involved in a vehicle collision. Every vehicle is different, every collision is different and so every incident we run is different.

As we arrive on the scene of a collision a vehicle may be on its wheels, turned over on its side or roof, and the occupants may be trapped inside. Because of this, we must be prepared for any situation.

Laytonsville Fire Station 17 has one of six Rescue Squads in the county that carry the appropriate equipment for the most serious types of these situations. Pictured below are photos from a recent training where we prepare ourselves for the real thing when our best work is requested. We performed a “tie-back” system to prevent a car from rolling over after it was found flipped onto the passenger side. Once the vehicle is secured we can use hydraulic tools to remove pieces from the car to gain access to any occupants still inside.

Our job is not always as easy as opening the door. Sometimes we may need to force or cut a door/roof to be able to get the occupants out of danger and treated for injuries.

photos of firefighters stabilizing an overturned vehicle

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