Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Keep Medications Cool this Summer

A 101 Days of Summer Safety topic most people do not think about.

photo of pills spilling out of tipped over pill bottleStoring medications in high temperatures can decrease effectiveness and some medications can cause increased sensitivity to the sun. Some prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and supplements can be less effective and lose potency if they are exposed to higher temperatures if left out in the sun or in a hot place for too long. Take time to look over your medications and talk to your doctor about any concerns or questions you have. Your medications help keep you healthy; keeping them out of the heat is a smart way to stay safe all summer.


  • Do not put medications in an area of direct sunlight (avoid storing medications on windowsills or taking with you for a day at the pool or beach). 
  • Do not store medications in areas of high humidity (avoid storing medications in a bathroom which has a shower or bathtub or in the kitchen near the dishwasher or oven)
  • Look at your medications before you take them. If they are stuck together in the bottle, if they have any changes in the shape or to the coating of pills — the integrity of the medication may have been compromised. (Important: you cannot always tell there is a problem just by looking. If you can visually see a change, the integrity is likely to be compromised, but the opposite isn’t true. There can still be a decrease in potency/effectiveness even if you can’t see any difference to the medication).
  • And remember: never store medications in your car. Car interiors can rise to over 160°, which can be especially harmful to your medications.

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