Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From Hot to Hotter! Prepare and be Aware!

While it was fairly hot yesterday and now today, weather forecasters are now indicating Wednesday through Saturday will be even hotter!

As one of our County residents recently pointed out on Facebook (thank you Mr. Lopes), our seniors are especially susceptible to the heat. Please make sure to check on any senior friends or family members during this heat wave. Since many are on fixed incomes, broken air conditioners may stay broke and are not working when they need them the most. Or, the fear of the electric bill may also provoke some to just keep it off and attempt other, less effective ways to stay cool.

So PLEASE make sure to check up on your senior friends, neighbors and family members!

Please take a moment to click on both links below and review the various tips. Also make sure you forward on to friends and family! Prepare and be aware!

Cool Tips for Hot Weather

Hot Cars and Kids are a Deadly Combination

Be safe!


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Rocky Lopes said...

It is an honor to be mentioned, but even more honorable to extend care to those who don't think they may have any issues with excessive heat.

Many of my senior pals admit that they don't feel the heat, and for various reasons, don't like air conditioning.

However, exposure to warm temperatures, especially at night when sleeping and therefore not drinking water regularly, has been shown way too often to result in death.

The "cure" is simple: phone call, knock on a door, asking "how 'ya doin? Is your AC working? Can I get you anything at the store or do you want to go with me?" goes a long way to help those who take pride in being independent. We all need help sometimes. It's time to step up when people may not be asking....