Friday, July 1, 2011

Questions About Fireworks

Questions you may have about fireworks.

Q: What fireworks are legal?

A: In Montgomery County, all fireworks are illegal to possess or discharge including gold label sparklers.
Snap-and-pop noise makers, snakes, and party poppers are the only exception to this law.

Q: Can I receive fireworks at my home through the mail?

A: No. Use of the mail for the transportation of fireworks for use in the State of Maryland is illegal.

Q: Can I have a private fireworks display at my residence with proper permits?

A: No. You can’t have a private display; however, you can have a public display with proper permits and insurance.

Q: Can I receive fireworks at my residence delivered by public carrier?

A: No. It doesn't matter where the fireworks are purchased or how they are brought into Maryland. Fireworks are still illegal.

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