Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Heads Up! Beware The Danger Above!

Hope everyone has escaped the Blizzard of 2016 relatively unscathed! 
As the snow melts and then re-freezes, there is another potential danger you and your loved ones need to be aware of. The picture below highlights a couple of concerns you should note.

Our first concern relates to around your home and any buildings of any size. That concern is falling snow and ice from rooftops which could come crashing down any time and without any warning.

In the photo below, you can see a couple of those icicles are of a significant size and appear to be quite pointed. Not something you want to come crashing down on your head or that of a loved one. Additionally large chunks of snow, which can be heavy due to melting and re-freezing, can be prone to sliding off a roof and come crashing down. Please be aware of this as you are out and about.

We do not recommend anyone get up on their slippery roof to fix this. One easy way to limit the buildup as the snow melts is to ensure you have cleared snow away from your downspouts so that the runoff flows down and away from your home. 

The other issue here is one of a potential Ice Dam. That is one beyond us but we certainly want to make you aware of. Go here to learn more about Ice Dams. As with the previous issue, we do not recommend anyone get up on their slippery roof to fix this. There are companies out there who potentially handle this type of situation.

Continue to be safe as we all continue to clean up and move forward from this historic storm!

Danger Above

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