Monday, January 25, 2016

Digging Out Your Car? Make Sure You Take Care of This Hidden Danger!

photo of rear of car with tailpipe clear of snow
photo of rear of car with tailpipe clear of snow
Prior to starting your vehicle, first make sure that the exhaust pipe is not covered or encased with snow, even if the vehicle is unoccupied and you are just warming it up.

Remember, the snow piled around your car can trap carbon monoxide coming from the exhaust. It can quickly incapacitate you before you realize what's happening. When the tailpipe is blocked, extremely dangerous and potentially deadly carbon monoxide fumes will be forced back into the passenger compartment and could overcome a person in a matter of seconds. 

The very first action you should taking when digging out a vehicle is to clear away the snow from the tailpipe a distance of at least 3 feet and keep checking that it remains clear which you shovel out your car. Never let children sit in an idling car while shoveling. Clear snow from the exhaust pipe and leave the engine off until the car is ready to roll. 

Reminder: Never warm up your car in the garage!

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