Thursday, January 21, 2016

MCFRS Seeks Good Samaritans

This morning at 10:02 am MCFRS units were alerted to an auto fire at Rockville Pike and Grosvenor Lane. Montgomery County Emergency Communications Center also advised responding units that there was possibly one person trapped in the vehicle.

MCFRS units arrived and found an auto fire that was well involved but found no one trapped inside the vehicle. The sole occupant of the vehicle was standing by near the fire uninjured.

After the fire was extinguished the driver of the vehicle was asked about how the fire started. He said that he was stopped at the traffic light and when the light turned green the vehicle would not accelerate. Bystanders in other vehicles started to point at him and the front of his vehicle. The gentleman did not realize his vehicle was on fire until the smoke started to enter the passenger compartment of his vehicle.

He said he attempted to unlock the vehicle door with the electric lock switch but they did not work. At that juncture, he said he panicked and did not think to manually unlock the door.

Bystanders on the scene stated that two African-American males came to the occupants’ aid and broke out the rear driver's side window. The two men removed the driver from the burning car. Upon the arrival of fire department personnel, these two Good Samaritan’s were not on the scene.

MCFRS would like to learn the identity of these two heroes in order to honor their heroic deed.  If you have any information regarding this, please email

Auto fire Rockville Pike @ Grosvenor Lane

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