Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy Trails After 30 ½ Years!

Yesterday afternoon, Fire Chief Scott Goldstein stopped by the MCFRS Central Maintenance Facility (CMF) to honor a member of the department, Dave Atwood, who is retiring after 30 ½ years of service to Montgomery County. 

Dave worked as a mechanic at CMF whose role was to ensure all fire apparatus in Montgomery County was in working order.  He worked for a couple of local volunteer fire departments, when each volunteer department handled all apparatus repair work, before a county wide consolidation of all mechanics brought him to the MCFRS CMF.

When county residents see a fire truck on the road responding to emergencies, people often times do not think about the individuals behind the scenes who work hard to make sure the fire trucks are functioning properly and safely so our firefighters can do their jobs.  A vital role in MCFRS with little public fanfare. 

Fire Chief Goldstein presented Dave with a certificate recognizing his 30 1/2 years of service to Montgomery County along with a customized mantle clock. 

In the photos below, and standing to the right of Dave in both, is his father who also was a fire apparatus mechanic for Montgomery County for 30 years!  An impressive combined 60 years of service between father and son keeping fire apparatus on the road to serve the residents of Montgomery County! 

Thanks Dave and best wishes for a healthy and happy retirement!

Happy Trails After 30 ½ Years!

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