Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow, Snow, and then - more SNOW!

Inviting everyone out there to safely enjoy the snow storm. Hang out with loved ones. Review home escape plans and make sure your smoke alarms are working!

We are hosting the Snow, Snow, and then - more SNOW event on our Facebook page. Click here to get there and join in:!/event.php?eid=298842242568&ref=mf

In addition, if you look to your left, we have two poll’s up on the snow event. Please feel free to vote and let us know “What Will You Be Doing During the Storm?” and “How Many Inches of Snow Will We Get?”

Make sure you also sign up for Alert Montgomery to get all of the latest emergency updates. We will attempt to mirror all of the updates on our Twitter page (link below left side of this page).

Stay SAFE out there today!

Bill Delaney

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