Friday, February 12, 2010

Danger May Lurk Above!

Well, I hope everyone is starting to get back to normal out there! I actually drove into work today!

As I was out and about, I noticed a potentially dangerous situation that may be an issue for the next several days and wanted to make all of your aware. The amount of snow on the roofs of homes and businesses has created a whole new hazard that has nothing to do with them caving in or collapsing.

The danger is from large chunks of snow or ice falling from above a hitting people, or pets, down below.

My photos above and to the right of this posting illustrate a couple of examples of the dangers. The top photo shows the front of a house with very large icicles dangling from above. I have seen even larger chunks in other places! Bottom line, they can detach and fall and can inflict fairly serious injuries to an unsuspecting person below. I took the opportunity to utilize a telescoping pole to knock the icicles off from the ground – from a safe distance.

I do not recommend you climb a ladder and get on your own roof to remove these hazards!

Likewise, the photo to the right shows a typical shopping center in the Washington-Metro area and you can see where snow has already fallen from the roof with one chunk starting to teeter on the edge. Fortunately, this particular store recognized the danger and you can also cones around that diverts people away from the danger zone.

So as you make your way about today, and for the next several days, be aware of what is going on above you. Look out for falling snow chunks or icicles!

As always - stay safe!

Bill Delaney


Unknown said...

Thanks to Bill Delaney for his many helpful tips and warnings to keep us safe.

Montgomery County has the best fire and rescue services!

Anne Marie

Anonymous said...

Anne Marie, Thanks for the kind remarks!


Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it