Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How To Find Your Nearest Fire Hydrant

Many of you have been asking if there was a tool to find fire hydrants. 

Montgomery County map viewer allows you to enable the layer to show fire hydrant locations by clicking public safety, Fire rescue, Fire hydrant . Click on link below and follow the aforementioned instructions.

Montgomery County map viewer

Thanks to our Facebook friend Nicholas Belback for sorting this out!

Stay Safe!

Bill Delaney


Angela Flynn said...

I know where the fire hydrant is, and that is a good thing as it sure took a while to dig it out after the snow plow buried it.

Angela Flynn said...

I know where my closest fire hydrant is, which is a good thing as it sure took a while to dig it out after the snow plow buried it.

billd said...

Thanks for your help Angela!

Bill Delaney

Anonymous said...

Where are the 'afore-mentioned instructions?' I tried the MoCo Map Viewer and couldn't get anything to work. Being a software engineer, I can usually figure out how to use an application like this, but this Map Viewer is hopeless. I couldn't get anything to appear.

billd said...


It is a bit cumbersome and a pain. The best way I can explain it is to click public safety, then Fire rescue, then Fire hydrant (the folders on the left hand side). You can add the roads and then zoom in using the zoom tool button at the top of the page.

Hopefully we will find something easier in the future! Like Google Maps!

Stay safe out there!


Lynn said...

The best way to find a hydrant is to mark it in advance of an expected storm. I used two 5 foot bamboo plant supports and stuck them alongside of either side. I know other jurisidictions have markers attached to the hydrant. Either way- high tech or low tech- works.

billd said...

Great idea Lynn! Simple is sometimes the best thing!


Darryl said...

Bill, Google Maps could be used right away. The API is open and fairly easy to point and click. You only need to be careful to post a disclaimer that info is "accurate to a point".

billd said...

Darryl, Thanks for the comments and I agree that Google Maps is the way to go. We do not control the mainstream IT stuff so we have no control over the hydrant finder or maybe finding a better option. We have passed along these issues to the County IT folks in the hope they make this an easier option to navigate or go to Google Maps.