Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Community Connections

By: Lieutenant Robert Furst

Fire Station 19, in Montgomery Hills, is located directly next Snyder's Super Foods. The parking lots touch each other and the apparatus bay is in plain view of the customers that are patronizing the store. The constant traffic moving in and out of Snyder's affords the crew of Company 19 with many opportunities to interact with their customers - who are also our customers.

Frequently, we have the pleasure of meeting young children and their parents or guardians which proves to be a twofold win. First, we have a chance to show the children the fire apparatus (kids love fire trucks) and the station. And we take the opportunity to educate the adults about our mission and fire safety practices.

We frequently converse with the same people, and sometimes we are presented with showings of appreciation of our efforts for which we are grateful.

photos of father and child visiting fire station 19 in silver spring
Lt. Dustin Poist showing off Engine 19

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