Wednesday, July 6, 2016

MCFRS Significant Incident Map - June 2016

Click on the icons and learn more about significant incidents that occurred in June. You may even find videos and photos embedded within the icon. You will also find links to more information in many as well.

This is another layer in the significant incident map since March. Once you go into the map, you can click the March, April and/or May box which will then layer those incidents in with the June map below.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks to MCFRS for this Incident Map service, it is a huge help in tracking situations in our neighborhoods. This particular accident occurred very close to my home and on a major school bus route. This road has seen increased traffic problems, both due to new homes being built at end of Amity Drive plus those persons who use this route to bypass Mid-County Highway. I hope that the police are paying attention to the rising traffic incidents on this road and would consider adding more speed traps, safety patrols or speed bumps. DBR