Monday, February 8, 2010

This is how your fire hydrants should be cleared

The below posting is from our Facebook page from one of our fire fighters: Montgomery County (MD) Fire & Rescue

This is how your fire hydrants should be cleared! We need room to work. Great job to the grounds maintenance crew from the Washington Adventist Hospital


Susan J. Thomas said...

(1) It would be helpful to have an online list or map of locations of fire hydrants so that we could ensure that they are clear.

(2) It would also be helpful to have that info provided to snow plow operators.

(3) It would be helpful to attach tall poles to any hydrants that are likely to be buried by snow.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I have passed along your suggestions to upper management. I have previously passed along similiar comments to #2 and do believe the plowers have been asked to avoid plowing over hydrants.

Thanks alot for the comments!