Saturday, March 19, 2016

Coming Soon to MCFRS: One of 29 New EMS Units

By: Steve Lamphier
      Manager, Fleet Section 

MCFRS will soon be receiving 29 new EMS units of which eight will be in the new MCFRS red. In addition, several new staff cars will also be delivered.

These EMS units are on Freightliner chassis’ and built by PL Custom of Manasquan, NJ.

The committee created a more provider friendly patient care compartment, including adequate counter space, and a LifePak mount.  Also, the HVAC system has a UV light built in to reduce microorganisms that may affect the patient’s or provider’s health.

All 29 EMS units replace a significant portion of the frontline fleet and many reserve units that are 12-16 years old will be leaving the fleet.

photo of new ambulance in MCFRS red color
new mcfrs red staff car in front of PSHQ

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