Monday, March 28, 2016

New Burtonsville Volunteer FD Truck 715 In Production

By: Michael Ryman, Captain
       Burtonsville VFD

Burtonsville Volunteer Fire Department's new Truck 715 is currently in production at Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wisconsin. Our brand new ladder truck is approximately 11 weeks into production at this point in time. The department expects to take delivery in early May.

This 2016 Pierce Arrow XT ladder truck will feature a 105' heavy duty aerial ladder as well as a pre-piped waterway and 217' of ground ladders.  It will replace the current Truck 715, a 1998 Pierce Dash 105' aerial.

You can get the latest information and pictures by going here: New T715

photo of new burtonsville VFD ladder truck being built

photo of graphic of what new truck 715 will look like

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