Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Seven Year Old Everyday Hero Honored For Making The Right Call

Earlier today a seven-year-old Silver Spring girl, who recently called 911 to help her Dad, was honored as an “Everyday Hero” and met the MCFRS call taker/dispatcher, Amanda Poore, who took her 911 call. Jenna made the right call and got help to her home quickly.

Fire Chief Scott Goldstein praised Jenna for her quick thinking, calm demeanor and remembering her home address as she made her 911 call on Sunday, February 28. Chief Goldstein then presented Jenna with a medal and plaque in recognition of her outstanding effort and potentially lifesaving call.

Jenna was then treated to a tour of the MCFRS dispatch and communication area by Amanda.

MCFRS utilized Periscope to live stream the even and you can view the replay below along with other videos of the event.

Also below is an audio of Jenna’s 911 call.

MCFRS wants to know that, if needed, can you make the right call? When calling 911, know what to expect. Learn more here: What to Expect When You Call 911

As well, make sure your child knows their home address – or two if mom and dad live in different homes. Here is an activity for your child that we hope helps:  "Learn Your Address!" Activity for Kids


Anonymous said...

This is great. One question, tho. should the child have been told to unlock the door before parmeds. could be seen arriving?

Anonymous said...

Yes, she was told to do so and did so.