Monday, February 15, 2016

During The Snow Today Be a GREAT Neighbor!

senior citizen sitting in chair holding caneThe weather over the last several weeks has been challenging for everyone but it has been particularly hard on the elderly. Please remember to check on your elderly or disabled neighbors during the cold and snowy day today. A broken hip or other injury resulting from a fall on snow and ice-covered sidewalks or driveways can take away the independence that many of our elderly neighbors have worked so hard to maintain.  After you've finished shoveling your walks and driveways, take a second to look around your neighborhood.

Do you have elderly neighbors who are unable to shovel their snow? If so, please take a few minutes to help shovel them out or clear a path to help keep the walkway clear. Trying to negotiate piles of snow and ice can often lead to a fall and serious injury for older residents. Icy streets and sidewalks can also significantly reduce the contact older adults have with family, neighbors and friends and the difference you make could be lifesaving.

Checking on elderly neighbors during and after weather events and offering to pick up groceries when you're going to the store or take their trash and recycle bins to the curb can make a big difference and prevent debilitating injuries. As the snow piles up, please remember your elderly or disabled neighbors and give them a hand. Many elderly rely on meal delivery programs that have been impacted by the weather.

Keeping Montgomery GREAT together!  

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