Thursday, February 11, 2016

Training For Ice Rescues

When most people think of what services a fire and rescue department provides, their thoughts will almost always turn to putting out fires or taking care of people who are sick or injured. MCFRS fire and rescue personnel certainly deliver those core services - and at a very high level.

But our department also provides a wide variety of services that require our firefighters to learn special skill sets that stretch far beyond their basic fire, rescue and medical training. One unique skill set was on display yesterday (February 10) at our Fire Station #34 as firefighters from the 5th Battalion were training to become certified as NFPA Surface Ice Rescue Technicians. This training teaches our firefighters how to safely and effectively rescue people, or even pets, who have fallen through the ice and into the icy waters of a lake, pond, stream, etc.

Below, you will find yesterday’s training captured via a variety of platforms to include some live on our Periscope platform.

MCFRS would like to remind ALL County residents that the only safe ice surface is at an ice arena/rink!

The day starts in the classroom.

                                       ice rescue class

After the classroom portion, everyone headed to the engine bay area to learn and practice practical rescue skills before any realistic practical training exercise.

To top the training day off, firefighters headed to Gunner's Lake in the Germantown area of the county to apply their newly learned skills in a real world environment. The video below is via NewsChopperBrad who happened to be flying over working for ABC7.

MCFRS Ice Rescue Training Raw Footage from NewsChopperBrad on Vimeo.

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