Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mass Casualty Incident Drill

As the old sports saying goes, “You play the way you practice.”  So in order to ensure our personnel are ready for a variety of situations, we routinely conduct training exercises so that our firefighters can practice a variety of skills under simulated scenarios.

On Monday, February 01, a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Drill was conducted in the 5th Battalion.  The scenario was an active shooter situation.

Crews were initially “dispatched” for an unknown rescue at a local movie theater. Units “arrived” on the scene and found “victims” in foyer with gunshot wounds. Crews then retreated and built out what was an active shooter drill.

The MCI drill was conducted in cooperation with the movie theater manager, MCP, CERT members and MCFRS.

Forty-five role players were involved with moulage involved to ensure realistic “victims.” Fake blood, fake bone breaks, and fake gunshot wounds were simulated that could rival any Halloween costume!

Battalion Chief Dave Pazos reports that the drill went better than expected and crews did fantastic. Photos below. 

Mass Casualty Incident Drill

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