Friday, February 26, 2016

MCFRS And MCP Partner On New Command Unit

By: Steve Lamphier
      Manager, Fleet Section

The County received an Urban Area Security Initiative grant for a “command post” that will be jointly operated by the MCFRS and the Montgomery County Police Department (MCP).  A team of MCFRS and MCP worked with the vendor, Frontline Communications, to design and manufacture a vehicle that incorporates current technologies related to ground radio, satellite, and cellular communications and allows for incident command of the both mundane and unique emergencies faced by today’s first responders.

The team completed a ”mid-point” inspection this week.  It allowed the team to check progress, ensure the vehicle was being built to the County’s requirements, and check the quality of the manufactured vehicle.  The inspection also allowed the team to visualize the unit for purposes of creating a training plan.

The vehicle will be completed in early April and receive a final inspection.  The team will receive operational training at that time also.  It will be delivered to the County shortly thereafter.

Check out below to see the progress!

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